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Hosting Tips

Last year, leading up to the Christmas season, I shared tips on being the best party guest. This year, as Thanksgiving approaches I'm planning and hosting my own Friendsgiving, So - I wanted to brush up on and share with you, my best tips on being the best Host/Hostess, so YOU can be the host/hostess with the most!

1. Set your table the night before. Do as much as you can a day or two before. Pick dishes that you can make in advance and simply reheat just before guests arrive.

2. Set the mood with some tunes. I love to have a little Frank Sinatra radio on when guests arrive. Simple create a station on Spotify or Pandora and you're good to go!

3. Don't overcommit and attempt to make everything yourself. Ask friends for help with sides dishes and desserts. This year, I'm making the bird and a few sides, so I asked friends to bring a variety of desserts and sides.

4. Consider small bites and appetizers prior to sitting down for dinner. While you're putting the finishing touches on the turkey, dressing and sides, have small bites for your guest to nibble on.

5. Pre-order desserts or sides when limited on time. Not every single thing needs to be made from scratch. I promise no one will be calling Martha Stewart directly, to report you, if you show up with a pre-made pumpkin pie.

6. Don't be afraid to accept help from friends. Whether it's helping you set the table, pour water, wine and even clean-up, give thanks to those who want to help you! Have a glass of champagne or wine before guest arrives and enjoy yourself, otherwise, why bother hosting?

7. Help guests get settled. When they arrive, take their coats, bags, purses, etc. Ask if they'd like something to drink and let them get settled. Show them where the restrooms are. Your home should feel like their home. 

8. Have wine and champagne chilling prior to guests arriving and make sure you have plenty of glassware on hand.

9. Don't waste food. Pick up some handy take-away containers so that guests may enjoy leftovers. 

10. Introduce everyone and encourage conversation. You want your guests to feel comfortable, especially when you have a group that doesn't know everyone.

11. Have a good time and enjoy your friends and family! Things won't always go as planned. Go with it, improvise and don't stress. And if you do, have another glass of wine.

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