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Blackberry Thyme Champagne Cocktail

I love a champagne cocktail (see one of my favs, the French 75), and there's something about them that makes me think of the holidays. This blackberry thyme and champagne cocktail is SUPER SIMPLE to make and is the perfect signature cocktail for your upcoming Christmas party. Even if you're not hosting and just lounging around on a weekend, they're good to enjoy. I won't tell anyone. Below is a brief history of the champagne cocktail. Enjoy!

Mentions of Champagne Cocktails appear in the Brooklyn Daily Eagle archives, as far back as 1869.
— The Alcohol Professor

"References to Champagne cocktails abound in old newspapers, novels, and cocktail books. Champagne drinks containing brandy and orange liqueurs in the forms of punches and cups can even be found in old cookbook recipe collections first published in 1861. Mentions of Champagne Cocktails in the Brooklyn Daily Eagle archives date back as far back as 1869. That same year Mark Twain mentions the drink in "Innocents Abroad."

One of the first recipe citations for a Champagne Cocktail goes back to the "The Bar-Tenders Guide," written by Jerry Thomas in 1862. Champagne during this time was generally much sweeter than today’s popular dry style labeled “Brut” which didn’t exist on a label until around 1876. Thomas’ 1862 book calls for shaking the ingredients, including the sparkling wine, which was surely a mistake since shaking carbonated drinks can get explosive." – The Alcohol Professor


(4 Servings)

(Blackberry Simple Syrup
• 1/3 cup blackberries (plus eight more for garnish)
• 1/3 cup sugar
• Water

• Prosecco or champagne (I tried a brut and a sweeter champagne and prefer Martini and Rossi Asti, which is on the sweeter side)
• 3-4 sprigs of fresh thyme for garnish


1. In a small sauce pan, combine the blackberries, sugar and water and bring to a boil. Turn to low and let simmer for 10 minutes until sugar has dissolved. 
2. Strain blackberries through a sieve and let syrup cool in the refrigerator.
3. For one cocktail, add 2 tablespoons of syrup to glass, two blackberries and top with champagne and garnish with thyme.

All photography ©2016 Jonathan Stiers | Recipe by Style Me Pretty

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