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Lavender Fields Forever

Lavender Fields Forever

Lavender fields forever! Ok, I know those aren't the words to the famous Beatle's song, but I think it still works. I could sit, stand or lay in fields of lavender, forever (unless there's a field of basil nearby). I've written about my soap obsession in the past but I wanted to pull together all my lavender-scented favorites that include soaps, candles, shower gel and even dried lavender! So while I haven't had the opportunity (yet), to see these fields myself and since most of us can't hop in our cars or on our Vespas and drive to France, I hope with these products, you will feel and smell like your standing in lavender fields...forever.

Lavender Fields - France
Foaming Bath   |   Hand Cream   |   Candle   |   Bar Soap  - L'OCCITANE

Foaming Bath  |  Hand Cream  |  Candle  |  Bar Soap - L'OCCITANE

Hand Soap   |   Hand Lotion   |   Dish Soap  - Williams-Sonoma

Hand Soap  |  Hand Lotion  |  Dish Soap - Williams-Sonoma

All-Purpose Cleaner   |   Hand Soap   |   Dish Soap  - Method Home (Available at Target)

All-Purpose Cleaner  |  Hand Soap  |  Dish Soap - Method Home (Available at Target)

Dried lavender bunches - Pottery Barn  (Scroll down, below wreath)

Dried lavender bunches - Pottery Barn (Scroll down, below wreath)

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