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Buvette - the Pleasure of Good Food

In the summer of 2012, I was browsing various graphic design blogs and stumbled upon a logo and menu for a restaurant named, Buvette, It was located in NYC and luckily for me, I was spending a lot of time in the city, that summer. Naturally, I made my way to Buvette and have been in love since. SEE ORIGINAL BUVETTE POST HERE

This French 'gastroteque,' served up the perfect cappuccino paired with Nutella crepes, aka, heaven on a plate. Now - 2 years later, I'm thrilled that chef, Jody Williams has not only opened a second location in Paris, but has also released her first Buvette cookbook, titled; "Buvette - the Pleasure of Good Food."

The same logo that caught my attention 2 years ago dons the cover and the pages are filled with beautiful food photography, one of my own personal passions. With it's many flavorful recipes, those Nutella crepes will be the first thing I'll be making, Buvette-style. 

If you're ever in NY, Buvette resides in the West Village. If you're lucky enough to be in Paris, Buvette's newest location is in the neighborhood of Pigalle. If you're unable to get to either, have no fear, the book is here. :)

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