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"Plated" Adventures | A Review

OK, so what is Plated? Well, you can click the link and check out their website for yourself or continue reading and I'll tell you in a few words. I've only just joined so I'm hoping this is the first of many Plated reviews. (You should still check out their website. They have some great videos that walk you through the process).

Plated is essentially an online service that delivers "fresh, local ingredients to your doorstep." Various Chefs create and offer up menu options each week and you take your pick. The recipes include meat, fish and vegetarian options and you can choose 2, 4 or 6 servings, per dish. Once you choose, 98% of the ingredients show up at your door step, packed nicely in food-safe containers. With a little salt, pepper, olive oil and minimal prep-work, the rest is up to you by following the easy-to-read recipe cards.

Out of the Box: Roasted Pork Chops with Swiss chard and polenta

Out of the Box: Roasted Pork Chops with Swiss chard and polenta

What I Love: One of my favorite things about Plated is everything comes fresh, pre-measured and pre-packaged, right out of the box. Nothing is frozen! This is great since most times when you're shopping for ingredients for that perfect recipe, you often times find yourself having to go to multiple places to get everything you need. With Plated, they've done that for you. And since it all comes pre-measured, you don't have a bunch of extra ingredients left over. Brilliant.

Disclaimer: Plated is like a culinary adventure, so you have to be adventurous and open to trying new things. Are you going to like all the dishes and think they're amazing? No. Will you be exposed to new dishes and flavors that you may never have tried otherwise? Yes.

I signed up because I wanted to experience new dishes and learn things I may never have attempted or even thought about before; like making a garlic, rosemary, anchovy paste! It's like a mini-culinary school in a box! Oh, did I mention that it's FUN?! The best part? You can come back to your favorite receipts and modify them if you like, adding your own twist to make them your own.

If you give Plated a try, definitely take photos and give feedback. They seem to be accessible via social media and I would imagine are open to feedback be it, good or bad! It will only make the experience even better!

In addition to the Roasted Pork Chops (above), I recently made the Artichoke Fontina Calzones with Marinara Sauce. These were super tasty, especially the dough. I'll definitely be making these again and trying different fillings! 

Artichoke Fontina Calzone

Artichoke Fontina Calzone

Happy Valentine's Day!

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